Congratulation you have made it thus far, please let me "Welcome" you to our website and please be assured that you are at the right place because, there is great things in store for you. This is the official website of ""Wright’s Plumbing and Building Solution.
We are engaged in the maintenance, remodeling, refurbishing and construction of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings, (see examples of maintenance services below)

Maintenance Services:                     
Building Repairs: masonry, carpentry, roofing, electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting.
We will also refurbish and remodel you old unoccupied dilapidated buildings. “Affordable payment plan available”
Large or minor repairs to your occupied buildings at an affordable cost.

Painting: Painting for maintenance or beautification purpose is one of our propose services that will enable home owners to receive discounted cost on Christmas and Easter beautification projects.

Plumbing Service: We offer regular and emergency plumbing services  to both residential, commercial and industrial installations such as repairs to broken water mains, clearing blocked drains, clearing clogged fixtures, Jacuzzi design and installation, installation of all plumbing fixtures, Water pump pressure system design and installation.

Electrical Service: We offer regular and emergency service to residential, commercial and industrial installations. (Please see service list.)

Interior Design
We do interior designs to every specific details, we take pride in excellent craftsmanship which produces an unmatchable and unbeatable end product.

We have the experience, the knowledge, the expertise and professionalism to deliver a perfect job any where in Jamaica.

No jobs too small or too far for us. 

We have never left an unfinished project or an unsatisfied customer, we will manage your resource and give you the best possible results.

Our professional staff always give 200% and more in order to get a perfect job done.

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Now On Special Offering
The Home Owners Rehabilitation Program:

This will give home owners an opportunity to do long over due maintenance and or repairs to their homes by way of a very affordable payment structure. Read More 

Returning Residence Priority Plan: It's for you
This plan is an excellent developer for returning residences who want to spend their retirement years in Jamaica. If you have had a house and you now need to transform its look and feel to accommodate your new profile, we are the professionals at transformation and our rates are reasonable.

See full plan details here

Consultancy Service
Take advantage of our free consultancy service it's a great way to start exploring our potentials, abilities and capabilities.

See full details here
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Building Remodeling    

Building Refurbishing    

Building Construction    

Building Drawing    

We can build your dream house
Prestigeous bathroom designs
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